Kolawole Mangabo
A Simple Software Engineer 🚀

Clarity Finder, Software Engineer & Writer.

Hello Dear!👋

I’m Kolawole Mangabo, a Software Engineer, technical writer and author working with Django and React who enjoys building great quality products. You can find some of my works here and my content here.

Other than that, here are some things I am working on actually.👇‍

  • Working as a frontend engineer at Fasfox 🤯

  • Creating content on Twitter, DEV.to and my blog 🐦

  • Getting to 80kg of muscle 💪

Some of my projects 👇

  • Quatro, a modern food delivery service 🛵

  • Transfa, a solution to accept mobile payments in West Africa 💰

  • My book on Full Stack Django, React and AWS on Amazon

And you can contact via email here.